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Epoxy Floors – Health Sector Reform Project

Epoxy Floors – Health Sector Reform Project – Hospitals and Polyclinics

Where sanitary environments are a requirement as in Hospitals and clinics, seamless floor systems are preferred. Selby 700 Epoxy floor systems offer not only sanitary environments by effecting seamless floors, but have the added function of being able to withstand the continuous cleaning processes that is a part of these institutions. Because of these benefits, the Health Sector Reform Team chose this product to be installed in both the Corozal and Orange Walk Hospitals.

 Belize construction floor preparation  Belize Construction - Installation  belzie construction - completion

 Figure 1- Floor Prep

 Figure 2- Installation

 Figure 3 - Completed

Epoxy and Polymeric Floors – Citrus Industry, Stann Creek Valley

Citric acid is highly corrosive and will deteriorate any un-treated concrete surface over time. The Citrus Factory at CPBL in the Stann Creek Citrus Valley had floors that had seen significant deterioration from citric and caustic acids used in cleaning. The management needed a long-term solution to the recurring problem. Our line of BASF concrete admixtures, construction products and flooring systems allowed us to put forward a proposal for removal of the existing slab, replacement of the slab using special hardeners in the mix design and installation and sealing of construction joints. The chemical and abrasion resistance sought was achieved using Selby 700 series epoxy floor coating for the general environment, while Ucrete tough floor offered extremely high chemical resistance in the fill rooms where the citric juices was the concern and where the floor is exposed to continual wet processes.

 Industrial floor  Industrial flooring  industrial floor

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