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Piled Prefab Retaining Wall

Our piled pre-fab retaining wall has been installed along the coast as well as canals. The design features:

  • prestressed precast concrete piles installed at each 10’ center to center for the main wall and at each 20’ for tiebacks.
  • 6” x 10’ x 10’ RCC Slabs - #4 steel @ 8” both directions
  • 40” x 15” RCC Top Slab
  • All concrete designed at 5000-PSI minimum compressive strength at 28 days, using ASTM C-150 Cement and corrosion inhibitor admixture.
  • Prefab slabs are installed to a nominal depth of 8’ by mechanical means.
  • Concrete cover for all concrete is 3”.
  • Tie-back beams installed at every 20’
  • Optional decorative concrete top slab
 Piled Prefab  Piled Prefab Piled Prefab 

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